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KPCMCH Hostel facility is available to students who have applied to programs of MBBS (Undergraduate). Each room of KPCMCH Hostel is equipped with a bed, a mattress, a pillow, a table, a chair, a cupboard with or without an attached bathroom. KPCMCH campuses are "No Smoking" Campuses. Students shall not bring, take and /or drink any alcohol/intoxicating drink/drug or any similar thing of any kind whatsoever and/or smoke in the room and/or any part of the premises; the same shall apply to visitors also. In case of default, strict disciplinary action, even amounting to rustication from the hostel/ institute, will be taken as per rules and code of conduct. There is a strict code of conduct practiced at all KPCMCH Hostels. Students wishing to stay in the Hostel will have to abide by the code of conduct. Every effort has been made to provide the best facilities for students who live on campus. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support KPCMCH Hostels is situated down the valley in a beautifully landscaped and carefully tended gardens, providing an ideal environment for a congenial learning experience to the students.